Legal Notice

The websites IWLTBAP.COM and LUT.LU are the properties of the company IWLTBAP SASU. The company IWLTBAP SASU is registered in France (SIRET 824 035 083 00016) with intra-Community VAT identification number FR24824035083.

IWLTBAP SASU - Benjamin Lambinet
41 Avenue Vauban
93190 Livry-Gargan

The websites are hosted by in France.
IWLTBAP.COM registered in September 2010 and LUT.LU registered in January 2016.

The websites, the LUTs (files with .CUBE, .3DL, .VLT, .ICC, .COSTYLE, .LOOK extensions), the LUTs Previewer, the LUT Generator and all other tools/applications built by IWLTBAP SAS are protected by copyright. The images (still frames) used on the websites to demonstrate the render of the LUTs are the property of their respective owners (list of all of them in the footer of the website). The web application LUTs DeLOG is based on LUTCalc by Ben Turley.

IWLTBAP SASU does not collect any personal data about the users. Only the email address is used to announce a product update or the launch a new product. You can choose to not receive these emails anymore by clicking on the dedicated link at the bottom of each email.

For any question about the products, the website, the copyright or any other subject, please send an email at:

The Legal Notice, the Terms of Sale and the Conditions of Use can be modified at any moment. Please check this page regularly. Updated the 2017-09-11.

Terms of Sale

By buying and using one or several products made by IWLTBAP SASU you accept the following conditions.

Each purchase is individual. You can install the pack of LUTs on all your personal computers. Discount is available for wholesale (≥ 5), please send an email to the support (

Due to the nature of the digital products, please understand that all sales are final. All is explained on the website and in the online FAQ (list of compatible applications and list of videos about how to use). Also, several free LUTs are available in free download with a button named "Test free LUTs before buying" on the homepage. Please test the free LUTs available on the website before buying. Contact support for any question ( Refund are not possible. If you have a very specific reason to ask a refund, please contact the support.

All pack of LUTs sold by IWLTBAP SASU have individual lifetime free updates. For each pack, when an update is available you will receive an email with a download link to get the latest version of the pack.

The sales are managed by and After purchase you will receive an email with download link. If the download link have expired or if you need to redownload the pack on your new computer (example), feel free to contact the support. A new download link will be sent to you quickly.

Conditions of Use

The packs (or individual LUT) cannot be resold, shared or otherwise redistributed. The LUTs cannot be modified and resold or shared for free under another name.

The LUTs cannot be included in an application (for example a mobile photo editor with filters). The LUTs can only be used for photo and video editing for personal or commercial projects. If you want to use the LUTs in a different kind of project, please contact the support (

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